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New Season and a Fresh New Makeup Look

Written by Nadia McCracken on April 9th, 2014.      0 comments

Every season presents an exciting opportunity to help change a client’s look and introduce new and exciting colours into her life. This doesn’t mean she has to replace all her makeup every season; however there are some fundamental strategies in order to help your client maintain a look that is appropriate for the current season.

If your client has had the same makeup routine for years, it is time for them to book a session with you to update their look and learn how to master their own makeup technique at home.  

For beautiful autumn/winter inspiration, keep an eye out for makeup styles in the major fashion magazines - this is a wonderful way to get new ideas and learn new techniques. 

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Remember that a great look is achieved only through experimenting with colours, and practise. Lots of practice. Let your creative juices flow!
A fresh new look can lift the spirit and give confidence both personally and professionally!

Here are a few tips to update your client’s autumn and winter look, which in turn will boost her confidence and sense of personal style:


This season is all about warmth and depth of colour. As the landscape and leaves change colour, it’s time to include beautiful full colours such as emerald green and burgundy. For a daytime makeup, couple these shadows with lighter liquid eyeliners, such as metallic gold and wine. For evening looks, dark brown/black or true black liner looks best with warm eye shadow shades. One of the most stunning colours (day or night) for autumn is copper – it looks amazing with almost any skin tone and eye colour! Warm pink or peach lipstick is a great match with copper eye shadow. Keep your cheeks neutral and soft pale. Emerald green shadow looks gorgeous with rich berry lipsticks. Burgundy eye shadows look stunning with a variety of lipstick shades such as: wine, berry, plum and soft pink.


Deep shades of eye and lip colour give the skin warmth and are ideal for the winter months. Encourage your clients to indulge with richer, deeper colours, such as wine, chestnut and dark violets. Always remember, the most stunning look is a balanced one: when using rich eye shadows, it is best to go with a lighter lipstick. Medium berry lipsticks are better for smaller lips; darker shades (like crimson) are more complementary for full lips.

Winter is actually the best time of year to show off bold, red sexy lips. Don’t fear red lips - it is my opinion that there is one perfect shade of red for every woman! The best tip is to try on as many as possible, and never give up – you will find your perfect red. I love how Gwenyth Paltrow puts it: “Beauty, to me, is all about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”.

For a daytime look, tone down the classic neutral eye look with a deep brown liner instead of black and pair with a stunning red lipstick. A true brick red (not too much brown or blue) is best suited for most complexions. To jazz up an evening look, use a deep chocolate red paired with a bright gold shadow that has a hint of shimmer – this is an ultra classic look. Gloss instantly adds glamour to the look.

Be brave and experiment with stunning colours in winter. Deep chestnut browns look good with almost any eye colour.  Berry or softer-tone lipsticks match beautifully. Charcoal grey and metallic earth shades are excellent choices for winter because they help to bring warmth to your complexion. Darker, smokey eyes work especially well for a glam night out.

It is appropriate to wear a rich lipstick to work, as long as it is complimented by a lighter eye shadow. For a day makeup, champagne eye shadow is gorgeous and will softly define eyes.

Also, in winter recommend moisturizing lipsticks because they will provide comfort and moisture to dry & dehydrated lips.  In winter the skin is constantly fighting dryness and dehydration due to indoor heaters and environmental elements. Make sure to recommend a moisturizing cream foundation to maintain a glowing complexion.
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