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PART TWO: Your Business Plan

Written by Nadia McCracken on May 18th, 2014.      0 comments

Business Description
You need to have a clear idea and briefly explain of what type of beauty clinic or spa you plan on becoming.

In this section of your business plan you give an overview of what you will offer in terms of service and products. You need to describe the support structures you have in place to grow your client base and entice today’s highly educated and informed client.
What is your unique selling proposition or your niche?
Do you have any specialities and will your clinic or spa provide a highly sought after experience for your clients?
Will your business contribute to your community? In other words, will it enhance and improve the lives of the clients it will serve?
This will subsequently establish the viability of your new venture.

Business Philosophy
Absolutely everything you do must relate back to your philosophy. Never deviate from it, and never lose sight of it. Knowing who you are and what you represent will help you attract the right people into your business – staff, clients, suppliers and other business partnerships. Everyone involved in your business must share your philosophy otherwise they will not be a good fit for your Beauty clinic or Spa.
Creating your philosophy is the first step in establishing your brand. Your brand includes everything that you are and that you offer – the products and services you sell; your décor, staff and your image in general.
Your Vision
Your Vision is your future desired state. It explains where you are headed what you intend to be. Where do you want your business to be in 1 year; 5 years and 10 years from now? Where do you want to be personally and how do you want to live in that timeframe?

What in your mind will define your business and personal success?

What are you willing to do to see your vision become a reality? 
Example: “To be the Best Beauty Therapy Clinic or Spa that offers the most advanced skin/ body treatments and honest advice to all our clients”.

Your Mission
Your Mission explains the actions you will take to achieve your Vision.
What inspires you? What changes do you want to bring about in the lives that you connect with in your business? 
Your Mission can be described as your calling. It’s what gets you launching out of bed in the morning excited to start the new day; it is your driving force.
Your Mission should be clear to all your clients and it will be what retains and attracts new clients to your Beauty Clinic or Spa. Your Mission is what makes clients believe in you and your business.
Example: “We surprise every client by going the extra mile and delivering more than what they expect from us. We listen to our clients and aim to connect with each one from the heart. We strive to improve every day to become the best at what we do”.

Your Beauty Clinic or Spa Culture
Your Company Culture is your belief system or your philosophy communicated through your behaviours and standard practices.
As the leader you want to create an environment that allows for your staff to be creative, build respectful relationships, and have fun. It is your leadership and support systems that will eventually become your Company Culture.
To create an environment that allows for these things, you need to be a strong Leader with presence. You need to communicate your beliefs to your team. Inspire them.  To ensure your Beauty Clinic or Spa’s success, you need to attract and retain only the best in the industry. You need to show that you recognize outstanding employees that want to grow with your business.

Your whole Team needs share your Vision, Mission and Company Culture.

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