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Professional Tips & Tricks | Brazilian Waxing

Written by "Tips & Tricks" from the Industry on January 13th, 2015.      3 comments

Brazilian Waxing - Professional "Tips & Tricks" from the Trade

Professional Tips on Brazilian Waxing SpaBeauty NZ

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Svetlana Wax Expert SpaBeautyNZ Svetlana Burckhardt

EyebrowExperts | Director & Author of the best-selling book: 
"Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen"

"First time clients (I call my first-time clients 'virgins to waxing') need a little extra education & care, just for being more nervous. A massive BIG No No No! to double-dipping! Always prioritise cleanliness & hygiene in your salon. It might look clean externally, however contaminated wax can be dirty and full of bacteria inside. Also, tell clients to avoid coffee before their waxing as it's a stimulant and will make the treatment more uncomfortable. Educate them to exfoliate and moisturizer the area regularly - dry skin and clogged pores will lead to ingrown hairs."

Rubywaxx SpaBeauty Expert Brazilian Wax Article

Ruby Frances

Rubywaxx | Director

"Ensure you have good skin stretch and remove small areas at a time. 
In summer use extra powder to stop wax sticking to the skin. Don't be shy to use firm pressure and don't be shy to get right in there. The client wants all the hair removed!"

Helen Waxing Expert SpaBeauty NZ Articles

Helen Lewis

Wax Out West | Director

"Is it is so important to make the skin tort whilst removing the hair to avoid unnecessary pain and bruising. ALWAYS wear gloves as this safeguards not only your client but you too! And always ALWAYS use a fresh spatula each time you apply wax. This can be a costly exercise and a lot of spatulas so.......Prepare small sheets of foil (say 2 inches square) to place on the end of the used part of the spatula and then use the opposite end.  You have utilized both ends of the spatula then."  

Nicky Shore SpaBeautyNZ Wax Expert

Nicky Shore

OFF Wax Bar | Director

“Anyone can put on wax and take it off. The secret to a great Brazilian is in the consult, diagnostics, preparation and customisation. Understanding skin, hair and the client means the preparation, wax, technique and aftercare are all customised to maximise results and comfort. And skin stretch, don’t forget skin stretch... sounds easy but so many people don’t do this effectively!"


SpaBeautyNZ Tips & Tricks Articles Nadia McCracken

Nadia McCracken

Contract Therapist/Tutor & SpaBeautyNZ
| Director

"Be confident in your work & ability, and don't apologize for it hurting your client - it is not your fault that it hurts. Waxing hurts, that's a fact. If you constantly apologize during the treatment your client will start thinking it's your fault that it is hurting! Be firm, gentle, respectful & thorough at all times. Making your client as comfortable & relaxed as possible is great. Try make the experience fun...make her laugh & share a few jokes. If you can make your client laugh during a Brazilian wax that's a great achievement!" 

Ula Western Brazilain Waxing Tips SpaBeauty NZ

Ula Western

The Essentials Massage & Beauty | Director

“One important thing to remember is even if you may be unfazed by the whole brazilian waxing process and have ‘seen it all before’ to alot of clients it can be more than a little compromising so respect this. I recommend draping with a light small /med towel uncovering each side as I go allowing them some modesty. Also I always use a disposable G string as this lets me move things around without manhandling the clients too much. It also allows them to hold things out of the way for me without having to contort themselves and I can do a more through job.”

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Mel says ...
I fold a paper towel into quarters and dampen it then press over the hot wax to help it set. Also helps soothes the area straight after removal. Clients love this technique. :)
Kristyn Banks says ...
A very tiny drop of Jojoba oil to the skin prior to waxing will make the experience great for both client and therapist. It does not interfere with adhesion to the hair but will stop the wax sticking and pulling at the skin. Most clients comment it make the treatment hurt less as well :)
Andrea Te Kere says ...
Following on from helen Lewis's comment above regarding using small sheets of foils at the ends of the spatula sticks, one can also use tissue paper



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