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Q & A with Malcolm Gibbons from Shock Consult

Written by Nadia McCracken on February 9th, 2015.      0 comments

1.  What inspired you to become a Salon Business Coach?
Having started in the industry as a travelling sales rep for a prominent hair product supplier 30+ years ago and then moving into purchasing and running successful hair and beauty salons, I learnt so much. I have a great understanding of the intricate workings of a salon and how to tweak them to make them run more effectively and efficiently. I know many tried and tested marketing strategies which work to boost a salons clientele. Partner this knowledge with a passion to help, motivate and inspire others to achieve and that is why I became a Salon Business Coach.
2.  Why is having a mentor or coach so important in today's competitive market place?

There are hundreds of salons in the market all competing for clients. It is difficult to stay afloat let alone make a profit. Having a mentor or coach helps and guides salon owners. We share troubles, ideas and strategies to grow their business. Most importantly a mentor or coach holds the owner accountable for their ideas and thoughts and actions.

“Just like a successful sports team, a business needs someone to help them reach the next level and to see from the outside looking in relevant tactics and strategies to win the game.”
3.  What do you think it takes to be a success in the industry today?
Mind-set is one of the keys! The owner must see themselves as someone more than someone who cuts hair or does facials and owns the salon. They are a leader and a mentor to all their team. They have to have skills in not only the industry but also in business, education and guidance to ensure they have a team working cohesively. On top of having the right mind-set they must strive daily to be the best they can be - doing things a successful business owner does and making decisions a successful business owner makes - oh and also have a strong vision for what they are wanting to achieve along with goals to help them achieve it..
In order to do things a successful business owner does and making the right decisions it’s important for them to PLAN. A yearly marketing plan is essential along with waypoints along the way to keep on track, and, importantly they then must take ACTION on that plan. I always like to say ACT – Action Changes Things!
4.  What is your opinion on "Daily Deals" like Grab-One?
Wow, how long have you got?
Mainly they are rubbish for salon business. They actually devalue the value proposition a salon has. Whilst they may increase short term gain they actually discourage long term loyalty. I would recommend any salon to steer clear of them on the whole, although there are a couple of times you might use them for gain. To explain further I wrote an article on them which can be found Here.
5.  What is ONE piece of advice you would offer a Salon Owner wanting to grow the business profits?
That is simple:
Stop thinking as a hairdresser or beauty therapist who owns a business and start thinking as a business owner who is in the business of hairdressing or beauty therapy. Make decision for your business based on business reasons not hairdresser or beauty therapist reasons. 
Also remember:
“If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!”

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