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Snowberry Skincare Shines on the World's Stage

Written by Nadia McCracken on March 26th, 2015.      0 comments

This week a small Kiwi skincare company proved that little New Zealand is capable of taking on the world, if we put our mind to it. Snowberry, an Auckland based skincare company has blown the world’s best beauty products out of the water with their new anti-wrinkle face serum.
Skin care and cosmetic products are subject to compulsory safety testing but few are properly tested for functionality – and when they are, it is often not much more than self-assessment.

This gold standard pharmaceutical level trial is never used by the huge global cosmetics industry because the standard of proof is too high. Most anti-aging skin care brands make claims that cannot be supported scientifically. The Snowberry clinical trial was carried out in Germany by a leading dermatological institute.

The results were mind blowing!

The 8-week trial showed that in a head-to-head comparison, the serum developed by Snowberry New Zealand Ltd was 31.6% better at reducing wrinkle volume, than USA market-leader Strivectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate. 

The Strivectin product is especially noteworthy because it contains what is widely seen as one of the most effective anti-aging peptides called Matrixyl 3000.
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Through comparison with published clinical trials world-wide, the serum also appears to be substantially better than any Retinol anti-aging skin care product.

This breakthrough sophisticated technology to enhance the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle serums in the Snowberry serum was developed in a 4-year research programme in conjunction with the School of Pharmacy at the University of Auckland.

For this reason, Snowberry has been invited to present their findings to the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver in June.
Snowberry founder Soraya Hendesi had a vision of creating an uncomplicated system of natural beauty care that worked because of what it contained. The Snowberry range is a true marriage of nature and science. It uses plant-based ingredients including our native harakeke; and prides itself on incorporating the latest scientific research.

The Snowberry serum uses a copper peptide, a naturally occurring protein with a role in wound healing that has been used in skincare before. Snowberry uses proprietary technology, trademarked as Cu-PEP, which enhances the peptide's effectiveness in absorption and thus assisting skin remodelling.

In a market where luxury brands can cost up to a $1,000 but without any scientific proof of effectiveness, Snowberry Founder Soraya Hendesi says she wants women everywhere to have the benefits of a serum that is scientifically proven, at an affordable price.
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The product went on sale yesterday. Leanne Radka, director of Sisterhood Beauty and the NZ Distributors of Snowberry shared with us today: "Wow! In all my time in the beauty industry I have never experienced such excitement about a product! We literally cannot keep up with the orders. Enquiries started at 5am yesterday. Some Salons have ordered up to a hundred serums (unbelievable I know) as they cannot keep up with the demand!  This is a world changing break-through product & I feel so proud it is NZ who has cracked it. We are super excited that it is a brand Sisterhood Beauty represents!"

To find out how you can get this amazing product for your clinic, please contact Leanne at: 021 472352

For Information about Snowberry please visit:

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