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So, You Want to become a Beauty Therapy Tutor?

Written by Nadia McCracken on June 6th, 2014.      0 comments

I’ve met so many beauty therapists along the way that dream of one day becoming a tutor or trainer. Many therapists get to a point where they have gained amazing experience working in the industry; and they’ve reached a point where they want to give some of that knowledge back to newbies just starting off in the industry. Teaching is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers to go into. You’re in a wonderful, privileged position to change someone’s future!

The question I get asked so often is: “how do I become a tutor?” So I asked Nadia Jansen van Rensburg, an experienced tutor at the College of Camille, to share with us how she became a tutor; and what she loves about her job.
Luckily Nadia took some time out of her busy schedule to do so.

Nadia Shares:
“Me teaching almost happened by accident.  I sent my CV to the College of Camille absolute months before I got the job, but the call came at the perfect time.  I started off with one day a week to fit in with my therapy job, and then it slowly progressed into a full-time teaching career.  I have now been at the college for over two and a half years and I love it more and more with each passing term.

The great thing about teaching beauty therapy is the passion behind it.  You can’t really teach something you don’t like, so I’m constantly surrounded by people who love what they do.  It is a great privilege.  One that more and more people are trying to become a part of.

So for anyone who would like to become a tutor, I would suggest to start studying towards gaining an adult teaching qualification.  Level 4 is the lowest required by us, but obviously having the best qualification you can get will be more beneficial.  The courses can be studied part-time and online, which makes it easier to fit around your current busy life. 
Nadia JensenTeaching pic 2
The more experience and passion, the bigger your chances of getting employed (as with any other job).  CIDESCO is a big deciding factor too, so if you don’t have it, try and get that qualification. 

As with anything else, there are a few downsides to the job.  The amount of paperwork, for one, and the stress of getting students ready for exams in a few short months can be a bit challenging when you start off the career.  But all of it becomes second nature after a while.  That passion and industry experience mentioned earlier, really carry you through it all.”

More about getting your Tertiary Teaching Qualification:

A certificate in Tertiary Teaching is required to teach at a recognised Beauty Therapy College. Although saying that, many Colleges will consider employing you if you have good industry experience; and are in the process of working towards your Certificate in Tertiary Teaching.

Personal requirements - Tertiary lecturers need to be:
  • excellent at communicating, including being able to network effectively with other academics and professionals
  • good at planning and organising
  • able to understand different cultures
  • skilled at analysing information
  • skilled at using problem-solving skills
  • approachable and open-minded
Where can you study Tertiary Teaching?
  • Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
  • Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
Generally, their courses run for 1 Semester part-time or for a 2 week intensive Summer School.
There are two semester courses each year: March and July intakes.
Course Cost: between $2,600 - $3,000





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