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Telepathic Skincare & How to Turn Your Product into Results

Written by Robyn Prinsep on February 4th, 2015.      0 comments

Telepathic Skin Care SpaBeautyNZ Articles
Telepathic Skincare Definition:

skincare products that should work just by looking at them and thinking about using them - still to be proven...

In my opinion…. and you can be sure I have more than a few opinions and ideas when it comes to talking about and sharing insights into the wonderful world of Beauty Therapy.

Most of them based on 25+ years of full immersion in the beauty world, living and breathing what does and doesn’t work, what fads should be passed over and what reinventions are worth revisiting. Beauty is a lot like fashion, not all new looks are new. Refreshed, repackaged and promoted to another generation. The basics however will always hold true, join me for some fun insights and my opinion on telepathic skincare:

This article started as a little light hearted guidance for clients on restarting their skincare routines for a new season but is just as relevant to us all.

Telepathic Skincare

This is more common than you think and particularly prevalent for our clients during and after the holidays. Their regular routines slip to one side, skewed by camping holidays, luggage limitations and the ‘can I really be bothered’ feeling that goes with I’m on holiday!

As therapists we get it, sometimes it’s just the way it is. But if you have clients with products just sitting waiting to be used, this info is for you to pass on to them. A bit of fun to kick start your client’s homecare skincare for the year.

Good Intentions

The ability of your client’s skincare products to have an impact on her skin while sitting on her bathroom shelf untouched, hiding in a cupboard under the vanity or still waiting to be taken out of their box is negligible. Good intentions and just thinking about using them will only get her so far. It’s possible unused products could be detrimental to her health causing undue stress because they’re not being used. Plus the product is aging just like she is while they’re waiting to be used.

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Here’s how you can turn your client’s skincare into results:

Category 1: The Forgetful Client

This client has only recently reneged on her skincare regime because of the holidays so she just needs a little prod to get going:

Take stock with her - a quick revisit of her products to remind her what goes with what – morning and night will sort things out. Ease her into a routine gently, remember to keep it simple. Too much too soon might send her skin into shock. Cleanse, moisturize, eye cream, sunscreen and revisit her serum. If she has really let things slide over the holidays book her in for a cleansing skin treatment to speed up the results, her skin will love the extra attention.

Category 2: The Cynical Client

This client is still waiting to be convinced that her products will work:

She has purchased a number of products from you. As a qualified Skin Therapist you would have diagnosed her skin and recommended this product with the expectation of her, joyfully opening the product at home, admiring the design and presentation, lifting the product to gently inhale the beautiful aromas and carefully dipping in with the included spatula or pumping a measured amount to be applied with a caring uplifting touch, nurturing herself, evoking memories of the salon treatment that initiated this purchase.

As her skin therapist you have an expectation of her enjoying this daily ritual and then sharing the results with you on her return visit to your clinic.

It’s a skincare ritual just for her, time to look forward to twice a day.

But it won’t work if your client doesn’t use the product! Get her started by explaining the benefits of the product applicable to HER skin. Get her excited about using her products.

Category 3: The Indecisive Client.

This client is stalled by indecision: She’s unsure where to start for any number of reasons - forgotten what it’s for and when to use it, concerned about sensitivity, she may feel like she has too many products and don‘t know where to start, she doesn’t like what she has so she doesn’t want to use it or waste it.

Whatever her reasons, she needs your guidance. Get her to pop all her products in a bag and make a time to see you for a quick reminder on what goes with what. Find out why she is confused or hesitant. Let your client know that as her therapist you want her to use her products and enjoy her skincare regime.

Here are a few guidelines to help your client move her telepathic products off the shelf and out of the cupboards so she can get visible results with real products:
  • Some products are seasonal, just like her wardrobe; they will still be very relevant to her, she just needs to wait a few months for winter. Get her to put those products to one side in a cool dark spot and make a note to remind her she has to use them in Winter.
  • Get your client to take a good look at all her products, opened or unopened and check them inside and out. Even better, check them for her!
  • Have they been open for a long time but are largely untouched? Be honest about whether her products are still safe to use or just too old to use. Pots that she’s dipped her fingers into need extra careful consideration; their preservative properties will have been compromised. Dried around the edges, discoloured, taken on a new smell or even a new life, don’t hesitate – bin them! She’s never used them anyway. Voila! suddenly she has extra shelf space for products that really work.
  • A new age of discovery: Get her to go through her bathroom cupboards and with a bit of luck there may be a forgotten treasure hiding away in the back of her cupboard.
  • We know as therapists that serums can be miracle workers. If she’s unsure when to use her serum or what it was for, a quick phone call will clarify any doubt, just don’t let her have it go to waste. However, just remember that if the serum is acid based it can become stronger with time as some evaporation will have happened. I’d be very cautious if it’s 6 months plus between usage. Get her to try a little test area first before applying to the whole face. The lower cheek or crook of her arm can be a good area to experiment. If time between usage is not an issue remind her to apply her serum on a clean skin. After cleansing/toning, get her to pat her skin dry with a tissue, apply the serum, wait 30secs then apply the moisturiser, eye cream, sunscreen (mornings).
  • The product tingled so she doesn’t want to use it again. This is often relevant to serums, they have a higher component of active ingredients, some tingling can be a good thing, it means it’s working. I love a product that tingles however that’s not for everyone and if it goes on for more than 30 seconds to a minute rinse it off and try again in a couple of days’ times if she’s had no adverse reaction. If it only tingles for a few seconds get her to use it every 2nd – 3rd day or night as appropriate while her skin adjusts to the new level of activity, then move to daily/nightly. If she still doesn’t like it, get her to use it on the backs of her hands or décolletage, these are two areas that can be overlooked but love some extra TLC. Always apply moisturizer after serum.
  • Your client has reacted to a product: She needs to get rid of it. If she came out in hives or extreme redness that’s a reaction you need to know about and you need to see her in person straight away!
  • Sunscreen: Get your client to bin any old tubes tucked away. For optimum sun protection I recommend a new sunscreen every year.
  • Skin Age appropriate: Too many clients stick with a product because it worked for them 10 years ago. You need to explain to your client that her skin is changing every season and every year. Hormonal changes, her environment, stress, lifestyle all has an effect on her skin. For those reasons her homecare products need updating and reviewing every time she sees you.
  • Samples and Gift Bag Goodies: Make sure your client uses them straight away and at the time they are recommended, otherwise they just become clutter of indeterminate vintage. Vintage works for clothing not for skincare! Old goodie bags? Bin them.
  • Products that she just doesn’t like, these may have come from another source, and not been recommended professionally. Mistakes happen. Check why she doesn’t like a product and use that knowledge to help you understand what kind of products your client enjoys using and what will suit her skin type and lifestyle. For example, does she cleanse her face in the shower? If so, she may prefer a gentle foaming cleanser as opposed to a creamy cleanser, does she like a moisturiser that disappears or one that leaves some feeling on the skin?
Take the time with your clients to listen to them, understand their needs and guide them in how to take care of their skin at home so they get the best results from their products by using them not just thinking about them.

The above guidelines are based on the products I work with, please consult with your supplier for specifics to the products you work with if needed. Enjoy.
Article written by Robyn Prinsep
Owner of House of Beaute, Merivale, Christchurch

About Robyn Prinsep:

Salon Owner, Expert Beauty Therapist and Electrologist.
Wife & Mother of 2 teenage sons.

Celebrating 21years of House of Beaute this year.

"I love Beauty Therapy, learning new things, caring for and sharing what's worth knowing about with clients."

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