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The 3rd International Symposium on Corneotherapy

Written by Robyn McAlpine on December 8th, 2014.      0 comments

A reflection by dermaviduals’ Corneotherapist of the Year, Robyn McAlpine.
I have the most amazing job in the world. Firstly I get to work with my beautiful clients guiding them to amazing skin and secondly, I get to travel and train with the best of the best! In November, I was able to attend the 3rd International Corneotherapy Symposium held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. My skin saving expertise is based around the principles of Corneotherapy, so being able to attend a symposium dedicated to this subject is really exciting.
It’s always wonderful to catch up with familiar faces from the industry and meet new ones, but being the skin nerd that I am, the absolute highpoint for me was listening to each of the guest speakers handpicked for their knowledge, experience, results and research. To be soaking my brain cells in the depths of their knowledge is what really floats my boat!
The highlights for me would be hearing Dr Lars Norlen speak on the latest findings of his Epidermal Barrier research. His images of lipid bi-layers was enough to get all of us skin lovers a little hot under the collar! Seeing skin cells and the space between them in such detail was fascinating and gave me a whole new respect for the way our bodies work. Simply mind-blowing.
The trials and experience of Dr Hiroshi Ikeno in treating acne was inspiring and gave new food for thought on improving acneic breakouts and reducing post acne scarring. It was great to see how antioxidants can play a huge role in skin repair. It is something I have always known but this took the potential of our results to a whole new level. I love having a significant impact on clients who have had a hard time with acne and armed with this information I know we are going to see even greater results for these clients.
Engineer, Walter Arkesteijn, spoke on light interaction with skin tissue and the way we can use this to make more accurate diagnosis of the skin’s condition. This was especially fascinating as I use Walter’s diagnostic device in my skin therapy clinic - it allows me to see what is truly happening within the skin. Understanding the condition of your skin allows for a more effective treatment plan. Hearing him speak in detail about skin imaging was really relevant to what we do each day.
It was again a huge honour and pleasure to learn from Dr Hans Lautenschlager (pictured with me to the right). He is a leading researcher on the principles of Corneotherapy and is the amazing brain behind dermaviduals skin care - a corneotherapeutic skin care range that respects and adheres to the principles of Corneotherapy. dermaviduals is the range that I use in my skin therapy business to achieve the best results on the planet (in my opinion, of course)!

SpaBeauty NZ Articles Robyn & Dr Hans
Education and scientific learning aside, the other reason I love these conferences so much is the genuine relationships that are formed. Being the third international symposium, word is getting out about   how
fantastic it is to attend and this year the Aussies were strong in number. Now, one might think that putting a bunch of independent, smart and big-hearted women in a room for days on end would end

in disaster but this group of women were the exact opposite! In our time between and around the conference, lifelong friendships were forged. We openly shared the highs and lows of self- employment, case studies we’ve encountered and brainstormed business & ideas, the affability was invaluable.
About Robyn McAlpine: 

Robyn is the owner of Laser Effect in Cooks Hill, Australia, which opened in 2009, creating a place where you could come for honest, common sense skin care advice. She has spent her career searching for nothing but the best in dermal education and formulations that make perfect skin sense. Addicted to knowing how each tiny little cell in your skin functions, she is dedicated to ensuring skin has the very best to perform well. Robyn’s post graduate skin therapy training is extensive, including national and international training courses with respected industry leaders. Alongside running her successful business Robyn also posts a regular blog on 'things about skin', demystifying common skin myths and cutting through industry hype. Robyn is also a contributing writer on industry education websites.
Visit Laser Effect at: 
About Corneotherapy: 

Corneotherapy is an innovative and progressive skin treatment methodology that has proven it is possible to achieve a healthy skin with an optimally functioning innate immune system by preventing or reducing structural inflammation. This is achieved by using preventative interventions that are primarily directed to correction and restoration of the stratum corneum and barrier defence systems. This approach leads to homeostasis and the improved function of the entire integument; protecting against harmful substances and microorganisms, while keeping the epidermis intact at all times.
For more information, please visit:

About dermaviduals: 

dermaviduals is a unique, customised skin care range developed by Dr Hans Lautenschläger. The product formulations are based on the principles of Corneotherapy and specifically target maintenance of the natural skin barrier and the prevention of premature ageing. The dermaviduals difference is that the products are bespoke, that is, customised to the needs of the individual.
All dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, which is important for the overall health of the skin and for obtaining ongoing, positive results in skin correction and health.
Australian Stockist details: or 1300 420 223.
New Zealand Stockist details: or 0800 SKIN 00 (0800 754 600).





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