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The How, Why & Wren | Being a Master Trainer

Written by Nicky Rennie on April 15th, 2015.      0 comments

For a skincare brand called [ comfort zone ] it’s ironic that recently, the staff at Head Office were catapulted out of their own. All thanks to Julie Wren. International Master Trainer for the Italian based company.
Julie Wren at work SpaBeauty NZ Supplier News Julie Wren at work
[ comfort zone ] Head Quarters, Dunedin.
The [ comfort zone ] team and some of their spa partners were lucky enough to have Julie in the county for a full week of intensive training. A week that by their own admission left them mentally and physically drained.  This comes as no surprise to Julie who is used to seeing results like this at the conclusion of her training.  However, there are plenty of other words that are bandied about by people that spend the week with Julie in the [ comfort zone ] training sessions. Words like ‘inspired’, ‘motivated’, ‘passionate’, ‘enriching’ and ‘excited’ are just a few of the adjectives that are used to describe the effect that Julie has on her appreciative audience.

It is clear from the moment that you meet Julie, that she is a woman who is exceptionally organised and completely on her game. She has to be. She travels the world as International Master Trainer for [ comfort zone ] Skincare and time is of the essence. The other thing that is abundantly clear when you spend just a little more time with her is that she is a lady who is exceptionally in tune with herself and with those around her. She emulates both calm and wisdom and there are moments when you speak with Julie that you feel she can see into your soul. This is more than a little disconcerting if you aren’t on the right side of the ledger, but you do really feel that you are connecting with a very special person.

That Julie Wren is so in tune with those around her is no surprise as she has spent 30 years working and motivating people in diverse sectors and multi-cultural environments. Julie has her own holistic practice as well as being the International Master Trainer and is thrilled that she is able to work with a brand whose values align so closely with her own. Not one to rest on her laurels, Julie is also embarking upon a three year diploma course studying biomedicine and nutritional therapies.

“I chose this particular study area as I believe the future of beauty lies in wellness and therefore a better understanding of the human body. The effects of what we eat will be essential in resolving skin related problems because the skin reflects the state of our inner health and we can’t consider one without the other.”
In a role that sees Julie travel roughly eight days in every month, she says you have to like travel. Airplanes and airports are the least favourite part of her job, but she is quick to point out that if her exceptionally supportive partner of 20 years who is based at home in Belgium was to join her, they would most likely travel more, as it is quite simply – “in our blood”. When you ask her if she would prefer a more normal existence, she says that when she and her partner travel they “can make anywhere in the world normal!”

For someone who runs on full throttle, giving so much of her own energy to others, Julie says that it has also been important for her to develop her own coping strategies. Her time out is very important. When she visited Dunedin, the [ comfort zone ] NZ Business Development Manager Melissa took her to Tunnel Beach and she said that was like a “salve to the soul”. 
Jules and Melissa SpaBeautyNZ News Melissa, [ comfort zone ] NZ Business Development Manager & Jules at Tunnel Beach.
Something that Julie doesn’t readily tell you is that she speaks three different languages and has developed strategies that she now sees as essential in her role as Trainer. These being research, respect, active listening and good observation. As well as an immense amount of knowledge that the team gleaned while Julie was here with them (that she is regularly updated with in Italy twice yearly), it didn’t escape them that they were in the presence of someone pretty special.

Thankfully, Julie is exceptionally happy in her role. “I have been with [ comfort zone ] for 10 years”, she says “and as long as I keep growing and expanding my horizons, I don’t envisage leaving any time soon!” Now that the team have managed to get their breath back – they couldn’t be happier about that!




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