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The Preservative Wars!

Written by Danné Montegue-King on June 24th, 2014.      0 comments

That the current controversy regarding preservatives in skin and body products will have a huge backlash on the “Green Cosmetic” advocates is the main concern of many  private screening labs across the USA. These are independent labs that all companies manufacturing cosmetics under FDA regulations must use to validate the fact that their products are indeed safe for human use.
While many ingredients have come under fire as not organic or natural enough, thus causing cancer or other life threatening anomalies (many without one shred of valid proof) probably the biggest “culprit” is the preservative methylparaben.
In addition to killing bacteria from gram positive and gram negative, fungus and molds, thus extending the shelf life of a product up to the required 2 years, methylparaben has been a mainstay of the cosmetic and personal care industry since the 1920’s. I will not go into the pros and con’s of this in this article as I have covered the subject many times before. Needless to say many new alternatives have become available in the market place which allows chemists to dispense with the  “green offensive” preservative. It is of note however, that many of the over-the-counter BIG cosmetic houses have not caved into this—preferring to hedge their bets against the possibility that department store and other retail clients  may get some sort of bacterial or mold attack from a topically applied “organic, natural” product.
Those of us in the private clinic or spa business have more of an opportunity to monitor our clients on an ongoing treatment basis, so the “green movement” has targeted our market nitch more than the public retail arena.

And there is nothing wrong with using organic materials or active herbs AS LONG AS THEY ARE PROTECTING OUR SKIN’S AGAINST MICROBACTERIAL OR MOLD ATTACK!
And herein lays the quandary. A lot of microbacterialologists have worried about the new preservatives breaking down eventually—in the hands of the consumer. People are not always careful at home about cross contamination when their fingers are dispensing a product on their skin. Often times lids are left off containers, sometimes just for a few minutes, ample time for airborne bacteria to enter the product and proliferate.

But as it happens many times with discoveries—suddenly someone will notice something special in the world of chemists and scientists and another voice will pass on the message!
I am privileged to be one of those voices!

One of my chemist colleagues, Sarjula Sangvhi, a woman wise in the nature of herbs and Asian chemistry was one of the first really concerned people about the longevity of the new preservatives. During a conversation with  the head of a micro bacterial lab where she sends products regularly for independent testing, she was made aware, by a very excited lab technician, that a new compound had come thru (for FDA testing) that seemed nearly miraculous. Mainly because it was based upon ALL organic ingredients, some fairly common!

The technician, at first suspicious of her findings, ran every test known to man including accelerated stability testing and the compound came thru with flying colours every time!

Oddly enough, the compound, named BIOCENSE ™ was being used only for the medical field, in Doctor’s offices, surgeries and hospitals. It was classed as a substance that prevents and arrests the growth of microorganisms in ZERO (0) time! For medical preparations it was applied to living tissue topically as a botanical antiseptic system, but as a botanical preservative it also kills in 0 time staphylococci including Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). In this case 0 time means “upon contact”.
This was very apparent in the treatment of wounds, infection prevention and infection transmission—all very vital to modern hospitals today!
The lab tech immediately called up the man who discovered this amazing compound and informed him of the huge potential in the cosmetic industry.
A short time after that I was informed of this development (as I was about ready to cave in and use the new “alternatives” in my own formulations) and I asked for the inventor’s phone number.

His name is Alan Lord, as like most creative innovators, he was very shy and retiring on the phone—almost folksy! As I am somewhat out spoken and have a very abstract way of thinking, I immediately let him know that his story MUST be told, as all such knowledge must be shared—not harbored as a secret by a few. I also know a great many “ego’s” in the beauty business (and some Doctors) who like to appear as if they discovered every new thing that comes down the Pike—and I was not about to let that happen to this dedicated man. Alan Lord discovered BIOSENCE over 9 years ago after suffering a topical fungus infection in Hawaii. As corny as this seems, it was some native Hawaiian folk medicine mixture that got rid of the problem and got him to thinking.
He thought and researched by trial and error (and an abstract point of view on things) and finally came up with EUREKA!
BIOSENSE is a globally approved paraben and formaldehyde free preservative system that is compatible with almost all personal care products; it is safe, non-toxic and non-irritating with no evidence of ocular irritation or skin reactions. Obviously there are those people on this planet who are allergic to even the most body friendly  foods and natural ingredients, but that ratio is far and few between and not enough to keep this remarkable preservative away from the common herd!

To the compounding chemist, BIOSENCE is versatile, easy to use, and highly stable and effect over a broad ph range—including complex molecules such as proteins and surfactants. It can also be incorporated into cosmetic phasing under a wide range of temperatures.

In talking to this remarkable man, I had a sense of Déjà- vu -- there are so many times in one life when one has a chance to come up with a first. I had that chance years ago when I created a topical analgesic called Biofreeze-simply because I wanted to help my Grandmother with her chronic arthritis pains.  Years later it became one of the top selling analgesics in the world. I have no ownership of Biofreeze anymore, having sold my formula and shares out to partners years ago—but wherever I go on this planet, even in Russia and Tibet and see Biofreeze advertized I  have this small glow of achievement of having done something  for my fellow man. After listening to Alan’s story of his early concerns of transmittable bacteria running rampant in hospitals (his Father was a hospital administrator) I understood his pride in the research he had done strictly because something NEEDED to be done.  In the beginning I actually thought Biofreeze would never really sell. I would like to add my voice to others in getting Alan Lord’s discovery out there as well.

Not one time in our hour long conversation of loaded questions coming from me, did he ever mention a commercial aspect of his compound. Instead, we discussed what types of treatments could be employed using  BIOSESNCE and how it could help the  plastic surgeons for pre and post operation procedure, the Dermatologists and the aesthetician. Also, what various forms it could be included in for the most effective results.

However if the cosmetic world is going to keep on worrying about “all natural preservatives, BIOSENCE would be the one to put their money into.
I know I am.
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