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To Micro or NOT to Micro?

Written by Ruth Nicholson on May 23rd, 2014.      0 comments

There is a very divided line that separates those beauty therapists who believe in Microdermabrasia treatments; and those that don't. Which side of the fence are you on?

Are you interested to learn more about this treatment that causes fairly strong debates within our industry?

I asked industry expert Ruth Nicholson to enlighten us about the Pro's and Con's of Microdermabrasia machines, and what to look out for when investing in one. This is what she shared:

The microdermabrasion machines available through suppliers here in NZ vary considerably, the clinic needs to first weigh up whether they want to go ‘Crystal’ or ‘Crystal free’ – or potentially be open to both?

The old fashioned myths of ‘thinning the epidermis’ have hopefully been and gone. Goodness knows that was always a winning topic when I had to sell these machines. There is no doubt lots of scaremongering still in the industry!

Pro’s & Con’s to consider when investing in a Microdermabrasia machine:

Crystal free Machines:

(CF)Wands wear out – then they are just smooth metal tips that don’t actually do anything ie: a good treatment to start; then ineffective later on (intermittent results).
CF can cause more harm as they rely on manual pressure from the therapist – this can remove deeper than desired and grazes can be common. I see value in the newer style CF machines but do think they limit who you can treat – the whole suction component is more harsh than crystal versions.
(ie: I could do MDA on mature crepey skin with crystal but definitely not with CF)
The sales pitch from reps for CF machines these will always be: "they are cheaper to run as no crystals are needed; no disposable heads etc…

My questions would be:
  • Where does the dead skin go, and who cleans that out of the machine and how often?
  • There is scientific evidence showing fibroblast / collagen stimulation, and thickening and evening of the epidermis with crystal MDA but nothing so far on CF MDA? (This might have changed in very recent days)
  • How long would the metal tipped wands last at the same abrasion level before needing to replaced; and at what cost?
Crystal systems:

These machines can clog every now and then; and can get intermittent crystal flow (usually due to several factors including of vacuum pump being inferior, and how much oil is on clients skin) However they are quick to trouble shoot on and sort out if you know what you’re doing.

Clients definitely see best results with crystal systems – open pores change in front of your eyes, acne clears up fast, skin clearer and cleaner straight away. Longer term results shows firmer skin (at least 6 regular treatments) I like the idea of disposable tips for the crystal system because it’s fresh and new for every client every time, versus relying on the cleaning and removal of debris from the CF metal tips…. i.e.: if they are not cleaned well, you can cause contamination (acne, herpes, bacteria etc..)

Below is a Youtube demonstration of a Microdermabrasia treatment.
Let us know what machine you use (if you do Micro's in your clinic) and what you like about it.

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