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Understanding Client Care

Written by Nadia McCracken on August 18th, 2014.      0 comments

Let's start with 5 interesting statistics about Client Care:
  • 96% of unhappy clients don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.  – 1st Financial Training services
  • An unhappy client will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Around 13% of dissatisfied clients will tell more than 20 people. – White House Office of Consumer Affairs
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the client feels they are being treated – McKinsey
  • 55% of clients would pay extra to guarantee a better service – Defaqto research
  • It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience – “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner 
Understanding the Importance
of Client Care

It’s important to understand that your job security, pay increases and career advancement all depend on your ability to satisfy clients. The minute you stop paying attention to the details and your client focus slips, business will suffer. You only need to look at a salon’s bottom line results in order to determine the level of client care being delivered. It’s the one thing that will set you apart from all the other qualified therapists out there.
SpaBeauty Client Care Article

And if you don’t provide outstanding client care, you will just be another beauty professional or salon struggling to stay alive in this competitive industry.

So, you get how important client care is; but where do you start?
How do you beat the odds & uncover new & exciting ways to stay on top and keep your clients coming back?
Make it personal

Understand what your client wants and needs.
  • What needs do you compete to satisfy?
  • What wants do you compete to satisfy?
  • How well are you satisfying these? 
Remember, it’s all about your client. Without clients you don’t have a business. And each client is different. You need to focus on what each client personally needs and wants. The more their individual needs are being met, the happier they will be.
How do you even know what it is your client wants or needs and how do you meet those needs?
It can be difficult to manage each client’s individual wants and needs. But there are some general tips and tricks you can follow.
Begin by building rapport and a relationship with each client.
Rapport makes communication easier and makes your client feel more comfortable.  
You can build rapport by finding common ground. You should try to find something you have in common with your client. This shouldn’t be too hard – start with a beauty topic. Make sure to listen carefully to your client, and watch your body language – it should be welcoming at all times.
Don’t be afraid to ask your clients what they want from you. Open communication is crucial to a good client experience.
Once you’ve built rapport, your client will feel comfortable with you. They’ll be much more likely to come back (we all want to go somewhere we feel safe and comfortable). They’ll also be more likely to tell you what they want and don’t want.
What are their goals and expectations? 
Each client has individual needs, and you will be able to better meet those needs the better you know the client. But you can still give them the best possible experience from day one.
For the most part, what our clients want from us is: 
  • To have a good experience.
  • To be given solutions to their problems – see strong benefits, value and results.
  • They want to trust that you will deliver on you promises – remember to always under-promise and over-deliver; never over-promise and under- deliver.
  • They want to know exactly what they should be able to expect with each treatment or service.
  • They want to see value and be valued; to respect and be respected.
  • They want to know that they are special and be treated that way.
  • And they want it now! 
So how can you give this to your clients?
Knowing and understanding this, you need to make your clients feel like they are number one, and that you are their best choice.

You need to: 
  • Reassure them that they will be served superior quality products and services with results that are beyond their expectations.
  • Surprise them.
  • Always deliver more than what they expect.
  • Be respectful and time conscious at all times.
  • Let them know that you will work with a caring heart and caring hands.
  • Make consistency a priority in your work; and at all times offer cleanliness, organization and professionalism.
We all want to build loyal, repeat clients, because developing new clients can cost anywhere from 5 to 20 times as much as retaining old ones. Understand and recognize that every client represents a possible life-long relationship with the salon.
Think about how much business one client could send you in the course of a life-time through positive word of mouth advertising. How much could that one client spend with you in the course of a lifetime? 
How good would it feel to develop and build a life-long reciprocal relationship?
You never want to deal with a client just once; you want his/her business forever.
Think about it for a minute – will you make an extra effort for someone who might be with you for a lifetime?
How do you build loyal, life-long clients? The answer is simple: MAKE IT PERSONAL.
  • Understand what your clients want.
  • Demonstrate open, honest and caring communication.
  • Ask them what they need and what they want.
  • Find out what their problems are and what their goals are.
  • Become their resource, their solution. Educate them.
  • Work towards a goal, monitor their results, and set ongoing new goals with them. 
  • Technology has improved our lives & business enormously. However, I also believe it has had a negative impact on the way we communicate. It is much easier to send a text or email than to pick up the phone to talk to a client.
  •  Remember key dates, and remember their birthday!
Never underestimate the power of a personal phone call. Or the impact a personal hand written note saying “I look forward to seeing you” or “thank you for your business” can make.
Every day make it your goal to: 
  • Do four follow up phone calls – How happy is your client with the treatment? Do they understand how to use their product?
  • Send four personal handwritten notes/cards thanking them for their business.
  • Call four clients you haven’t seen for a while. Don’t be afraid to ask why they’ve not been in; and what you can do to make them come back.  
  • Listen. Be present and really listen. You can best serve your clients if you first listen. “Strive first to understand, and secondly, to be understood”. When you listen, it shows you care. And when you respond to what they are telling you, it proves you care. This is what makes clients return.
  • Keep your word and hold all promises. Do what you promise.
  • Always recommend the best product or treatment to meet your client’s needs. If you do so they are bound to be happy. Never cut corners.
  • Have a positive, cheerful disposition. 
Never underestimate the power of charm. If you make your client’s experience a pleasant one, they are likely to spend 20% more with each treatment. The “like” factor will be your biggest advantage in building your client base and getting those clients to rebook.
I will finish with one of my favourite quotes:


I am your customer. Satisfy my wants, add personal attention and a friendly touch, and I will become a walking advertisement for your products and services. Ignore my wants, show carelessness, inattention and poor manners, and I will simply cease to exist as far as you are concerned.

I am sophisticated, much more so than I was a few years ago. My needs are more complex. I have grown accustomed to better things. I have money to spend. My ego needs the nourishment of a friendly, personal greeting from you. It is important to me that you appreciate my business. After all, when I buy your products and services, my money is feeding you.

I am a perfectionist. I want the best I can get for the money I spend. When I am dissatisfied, then take heed. The source of my discontent lies in something you, or the products you sell, have failed to do. Find that source and eliminate it or you will lose my business and that of all my friends as well; for when I criticize your products or services, I will talk to anyone who will listen.

I am fickle. Other businesses continually beckon to me with offers of “more for my money”. To keep my business, you must prove to me again and again that I have made a wise choice in selecting you and your products and services above all others.

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