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Understanding Mineral Makeup

Written by Terri Vinson on May 17th, 2014.      0 comments

Mineral makeup has certainly revolutionised the cosmetic industry. The Australian mineral market is growing at a rate of 15% per year and is set to eclipse traditional makeup.
As a cosmetic chemist and formulator of Australian mineral makeup I am passionate about minerals offering women the highest quality ingredients with protection from harsh UV rays and flawless results.

Minerals provide a natural foundation which can be built in light layers to achieve an airbrushed finish. Quality minerals will not block pores and the high levels of zinc oxide and non nanosized titanium dioxide provide sun protection if they are used a primary ingredients. The best brands contain higher levels of natural sun protection compared to brands which may not cater for our harsher Southern Hemisphere UV rays.
mineral makeup 1
There is a huge market demand today for natural and safe skin care. But beware.......not all minerals are created equal. As the mineral trend has gained momentum, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created inferior quality makeup that has tarnished the purity of true mineral makeup.

What are the main benefits of mineral make up? 
  • Minerals harness the best of nature’s ingredients from the earth.
  • Minerals allow the skin to function normally. Healthy skin is designed to release toxins from the skin surface and take up cosmeceutical ingredients oxygen and moisture
  • Minerals provide natural broad spectrum protection
  • Provide a physical barrier to environmental damage 
What ingredients are important to look for/avoid on the ingredient list? 
High quality minerals makeup contains:
  • High levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide mineral sunscreen (at least 18% in liquid foundation and 40% in cream and loose minerals) which are suitable for protecting against the harsh environment of the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Natural iron oxides and ultramarine colours. 
Mineral makeup should NOT contain questionable ingredients such as:
  • Cheap fillers and bulking agents (e.g. talc and clay)
  • Bismuth oxychloride (potential irritant)
  • Artificial colours (FD&C bases)
  • Artificial fragrance
  • Paraben preservatives

How has mineral skincare evolved and improved since gaining popularity?

  • Today’s formulators are able to source higher quality minerals. For example, there is currently a new generation of zinc oxide available. It is more stable under UV light and produces a finer grade product. 
  • Mineral makeup is continually evolving. Minerals are now being combined with active ingredients and antioxidants to formulate high quality cream foundations and skin camouflage products.
  • Advances in natural colour technology also means minerals are now available in a greater variety of more natural tones and are able to suit almost any skin type.
  • New milling techniques produce a finer grade product with superior coverage, texture and environmental protection.

How can consumers discern between genuine and deceptive mineral brands?

Genuine high quality mineral makeup:
  • Usually contains zinc oxide (UV protection and anti-inflammatory ingredient) appearing in the top 20% of the ingredient list.
  • Is best purchased from a qualified skin professional
  • Contain formulations generally free of the following questionable ingredients and additives:
  • Cheap fillers such as talc (which may contain traces of lead)
  • Potential irritants
  • Dimethicone binders
  • Synthetic colours
Why are salons and clinics increasingly seeking to stock mineral lines over traditional makeup?

Skin professionals are actually listening to the needs of their client and are aware of high quality minerals being a logical extension of a good skin care regimen. Makeup is generally on the skin for over ten hours per day. It can act as either a UV protective breathable layer if a high quality mineral brand, or a congesting occlusive which is basically suffocating natural skin processes if an inferior, cheap makeup.
mineral makeup 2
Skin professionals must be prepared to educate their client on choosing quality minerals. Makeup is no longer seen as a cosmetic ‘mask’, but as an integral element of skin health. It must be primarily a skin care product and protector with the secondary element being the positive physical appearance it delivers.
Minerals should look like a second skin if applied correctly with a quality kabuki brush. Application is simple and should take less than a minute to achieve great results. I advise you to do your own research on the best mineral brands available. Ask a qualified therapist to guide you on brand and correct application techniques. Mineral makeup should be considered as so much more than just foundation- but sun protection that makes you look incredible!

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