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What I've Learnt from Mistakes I Made as a Beauty Therapist

Written by Industry Input on March 6th, 2015.      0 comments

Nadia Beauty Therapist & SpaBeauty NZ Founder Nadia - Spa & Beauty NZ Founder

When I bought my own Beauty Clinic & first Microdermabrasia machine, I genuinely believed I could "fix" pretty much every skin condition. Pigmentation, superficial lines, sallow tired looking skin - Micro was my answer to them all. Now, I look back & realize how wrong I was!

I've since learnt Microdermabrasia does NOT fix skin! When you're dealing with pigmented, stressed, fatigued and under-nourished skin, Micro can actually cause more problems down the line. You have to get down to the root of the problem to change the skin condition.

We're in an industry that's constantly evolving and sometimes what we thought was the "new best thing" is either proven wrong, or replaced by updated techniques & treatments.
I believe as Skin Therapists we have an obligation to our clients to continue learning so that we increase our knowledge as the industry changes.

I love this quote from Natalie Alaimo: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.
Jodi Osborne from Doubtless Beauty SpaBeauty NZ Expert Jodi - Owner of Doubtless Bay Beauty

I have learnt that if you are honest with your clients and team when you make a mistake, more often than not they will understand. Admitting you have made a mistake is a hard thing to do, but you can turn into a positive if managed correctly. 

Also I have learnt to trust my intuition with regards to all those people trying to sell you ‘the next best thing’, be it advertising, products or services  – if it doesn’t feel like a good decision, it usually isn’t and it is OK to say ‘no!’  
Robyn SpaBeautyNZ Expert Robyn - Owner of Laser Effect  - Your Skin. Your Life.

"Fake it till you make it" only gets you so far! In the beginning it worked out alright when I was working in a salon that didn't have a consistent clientele.
But when you work very closely with a regular base of clients, the "your skin is dehydrated" spiel every new therapist (and some of more seasoned among us) uses to "analyse" skin, soon becomes paper thin. You realise that your skin knowledge lacks substance. Its then that you realise that you really don't know enough about 'why and how' to be  able to achieve results.
I've since learned by admitting you don't know the answer, the learning flood gates open and you start to seek out higher learning and find the answers! Clients like that honesty and appreciate that.
Leave the "fake it till you make it" to your lashes!!!
...I've also learned that not everyone puts a disposable G'sting on the right way! LOL. 
Simone Vescio SpaBeauty NZ Expert
Simone - Director of Derma Aesthetics

As a young therapist I used to believe everything my distributors and skin care reps told me, and of course passed this information on to my clients. I found out the hard way that the information was not always based on fact. 

Within the first 2 years of owning my own clinic I started to truly question the formulations and marketing/education behind the products I used. The best thing I ever did was to learn more about Cosmetic Chemistry along with Advanced Skin Analysis. Without an in-depth knowledge of the skin, and the product formulations you work with, you have no chance in changing your client’s skin. It astounds me now how many therapists still have NO idea of the ingredients in the products they use.
Not just the active ingredients; but more importantly what are they floating around in – the non active ingredients. I can’t stress this enough: know & understand your ingredients - your business and your clients’ skins depend on it! 

I look back today and realize as a junior therapist I was guilty of just following instructions from sales reps and skincare distributors. I cannot tell you how many peels I did in my first few years trying to treat pigmentation. Why did I peel for pigmentation? Because I was told by my supplier this was the right thing and I did not question it.

I've learnt never to take information you're given on face value. Research and study your subject, and don’t believe everything you are told, or sold!

As I studied and learnt more, I realized that peeling was NOT the correct course of action for treating pigmentation. As a young therapist I never once considered the Stratum Corneum of the skin. Naively I thought that if I peel it off a brand new Corneum layer will form in its place and the client will look great. Wrong again! Our first barrier of defence, the Stratum Corneum is integral to the function of our skin’s eco system. If the integrity of this barrier is compromised, it will have negative implications to the entire epidermis – and ALL its cells. I’ve learnt that certain topically applied cosmetic ingredients influence the biochemistry of the Stratum Corneum, either by supporting or destroying it.

As you can tell, I am passionate about educating & helping therapists with this, and can talk about skin for days! I’ll leave you with a bit more “Food for Thought”: Whenever you see inflamed skin, regardless of the cause, the Stratum Corneum is leaky and permeable. If you repair the Stratum Corneum, that tells the underlying tissues that they don’t have to keep reacting like there’s danger in the environment. Consider why you would want to keep your client’s skins in an inflamed state (which induces ageing). And why do you continue to remove the skin’s first barrier of defence when the skin is already showing stress and impaired enzyme activity? I give you one word that will change your business for life forever: “CORNEOTHERAPY”….




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