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What’s the Point of Your business?

Written by Kim Baird on June 19th, 2014.      0 comments

This article is about something really important, because there is a problem, and it’s like an epidemic right now with business owners and things need to change.....

Let me ask you a question – what’s the point of your business?

Now you might say that the point of your business is to serve people - your clients right? To help them - to give them what they need. And you know that’s a big part of your business, it is really important, but it’s not the actual point of your business!

The point is to serve YOU....the business owner! To provide you with the money AND life you desire.

After all, you are taking all the risks, you are doing the hard work, you have the responsibility of the business on your shoulders... so shouldn’t you make the money that you want AND have the time to enjoy your life as well?

Because what I am seeing everywhere with Beauty Salon business owners right now is that they are working long, stressful hours and they have little or no time off to relax and enjoy life. Sound familiar?
There's no point having a hugely successful Beauty Salon or Spa if you have no free time and are working day in, day out.

And plus, if you are busy working long hours every week then it usually has a flow on effect into the other areas of your life - you start having health issues, you have trouble sleeping, your relationships start to fall apart. And along with all that, your happiness slowly starts to disappear.

Even if you absolutely LOVE your business and what you do, you can't go on working ridiculous hours me I've seen it too many times, the universe steps in and puts an end to it - a burn out, a health scare, a relationship break up...... and it's not pretty.

It's important as a business owner to get the balance back in your life, and better to do it now BEFORE you push yourself so hard that you burn out (and are hit with a crisis!)

BUT don't think that working less means you need to make less money, because you can actually work less and make more profit in your business - 100% true!

I would love to show YOU how you can have a business and a life too! (yes free up some of your precious time) on an upcoming FREE live training webinar (online seminar).

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Here’s just a few of the things we will be showing you on the webinar:
  • How to free up at least 7 hours per week
  • How to get out of feeling overwhelmed quickly and easily
  • A strategy that saw my business make $36,000 more in a year (while freeing up an extra 2 weeks of my time!)
  • A crucial thing that you MUST do if you want to free up your time and make more profits – and virtually no one is doing this!
  • Plus much more!

So come and join us for this free live online event, and get out of the stressed and overworked business owner epidemic so that you can make money and enjoy your life.

Have an amazing week and here’s to creating your own amazing business!





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