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Business Management Tools

Having the right business tools is important for every Beauty & Spa professional, regardless of whether you are an owner/operator; new beauty clinic or spa or whether you manage a large clinic or spa with many staff.

We understand your time is valuable and limited.

To assist, we have FREE downloadable templates for you to use. You can custom make all these documents to suit your own individual needs. Our goal is to make life easier for you. Please let us know if there is anything specific you require. 
We'd love to hear from you so please email or call us if you have any feedback or questions, or click here to find out more.

Our passion is your success

Find FREE downloadable templates here:
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Monthly Marketing Promotion
This template is has been designed to ensure success of a planned promotion rather than a reactive promotion... so in other words, be pro-active!

Leadership - Blocks that can impede leadership
Not all owners/staff feel comfortable in leadership roles, refer to our leadership  business tool to identify key staff who are capable and have the desire to lead. Remember leadership needs to be effective, don’t be shy to take a good look at oneself leadership style. Ask your staff how they like to be lead!

Corporate Letter
Christmas letters to employees and/or loyal clients is a chance to wish them well for Christmas. It is a great opportunity to outline the achievement that your Spa/Salon has made within the year and acknowledging their support and effort as apart of this accomplishment, you could accompany this letter with a small token gift. Showing your appreciation for your staff and clients will always go a long way and can be the large supporting factor behind true success.

Employee Trade Test

Test your applicants knowledge, skills and competence before making your final decision of employment.
Are they confident on their arrival? How is their first touch? Do they preform a consultation on you before proceeding with your chosen treatment?

Customer Care: Loyalty Programs
Can we buy clients? How best are we to reward clients for their loyalty?
What loyalty programs do you offer your clients today? and are they successful? How many clients are using your loyalty programs? How about we ask our clients what loyalty programs they are interested in – use the below short questionnaire and see what inspires them.

How do I come out of the Treatment Room?
This is a question asked by many these days, but is there a simple formula to escape the treatment room? If you would like assistance on how to plan your ‘therapy exit strategy’, please see attached some simple thought provoking questions that you need to answer.

Business Systems Check
A business enterprise is a system consisting of various sub systems which operate in a balanced, coordinated and integrated manner to make the whole as a business system.
Attached is a Spa Beauty spreadsheet that you can use to view Spa sub systems that you need within your business.

Mystery Client Questionnaire
Develop, implement/Train/ Manage exclusive spa treatments of International Standards
Review Treatments regularly reporting on Feedback Setting up Mystery guests with Spa & Beauty Management’s support.

Spa Staff Culture
A spa staff culture is reflective of your values, it is always best to introduce the spa culture at the time of the interview process with your potential new employee. For an employee to see this is you the employer showing clear expectations to the team’s culture.

Monthly Strategic Planning
How many of us want to run and hide when we hear these words? 
Isn’t it easier just to keep our head in the sand?
No, it’s not! Not if we want to run a successful business

Six Thinking Hats
The six thinking hats is designed to switch thinking from the normal
argument style to a map making style

Risk Identification
Identify all possible potential challengers that may arise in the spa under sections.
Propose and create a solution to these potential problems Staff can use as a reference guide
when such concerns/challenges come to fruition

Staff KPI's
Your Software system will be able to provide all the information to set KPI's

Customer Service - Best of the Best Comandments 
The best of the best global mentors describe what’s key to successful customer service

Interview Questions
Are you currently employing? Use our suggested interview questions to help
find yourself the perfect staff member

Stephen Covey - Creating a Win Win Solution
World-renowned expert in leadership and organization, Stephen Covey offers
ways to look at creating a Win Win Solution

Time Management: Do it Now
Do you struggle with managing your time? This is a great tool to help with getting your priorities in order

Disc Personalities
Recent research concerning the specific ways that people naturally sense, conceptualize and respond to situations has led to the discovery of four basic behavioural styles. This survey will show you which ones are yours

Half a dozen thought provoking questions
Megan from Soul Nourishment has listed a few 'thought provoking' questions to help find 'where you are at'

Staff Questionaire
Get feedback from your staff about your business - their professional feedback is highly valued

Staff Meeting Agenda
A great tool to be used at staff meetings to make sure your staff are up to speed with what is
going on within your business

Staff Incentives - Wish List
An incentive form to be given to all staff and kept on record. Questions related to their favourite things to personalise incentives for your staff

Leading the Future - Self Assessment
Get your employee to rate themselves - compare your thoughts and see if you are on the same page

Facial Treatment Profit Margins Template
A great tool to use when trying to work out profit margins for Facial treatments

Beauty Clinic Cash Flow Statement Template
Need help with keeping up to date with your cash flow?
Use our cash flow statement template to help keep it all in order
Beauty Therapy and Spa Business Plan Template
What are your visions and goals? Where would you like to see your business in the future?
Use this tool to  analyse your business currently and see what you can do to help you achieve your business goals 

Beauty Therapy Employment Agreement Contract Template
Everything you will ever need to have in a Employment Contract

Beauty Therapy Application for Employment Template
Currently applying for a job in the industry? A great guideline to use with your CV

New Beauty Therapy Clinic or Spa Start Up Costs Template
Starting up a new Spa/Clinic? Here is a suggested list of start up costs to help when you are budgeting

Beauty Therapy Letter of Offer of Employment Template

Beauty Therapy Clinic or Spa Weekly Operating Budget Template




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