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Couleur Caramel

Couleur Caramel
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Natural Organic Makeup
Couleur Caramel invites you to think green with ecofriendly, organic and cruelty free skin care and makeup products, because we can save our planet, we must stop environmental destruction, and we shouldn’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Let’s buy responsibly!
  • Couleur Caramel offers high quality products that respect Nature, Men and Animals.
  • We offer a unique all-in-one make up, natural, organic and mineral.
  • Launched in 2003, the first line of natural and organic make up on the French market.
  • The first make up range to obtain the Ecocert certification with the Cosmebio label.
  • For packaging and displays, Couleur Caramel uses recycled and recyclable materials as well as biodegradable materials.
  • Member of One Voice Association for its defense of animal rights. Fair Trade where origin and traceability are guaranteed.
  • Natural vegetable and mineral ingredients: produced through organic farming, offering Rosin-free, Formalin-free, Mineral oil-free, Paraben-free, Phenoxyethanol-free and Toluene-free formulas.
Who is conscious of what they are putting on their skin? I want you to be as the chemicals in some personal care products are creating huge toxicity in your body. Some of it embedding in your tissue. This is a huge focus of mine. I keep it no secret that I enjoy being able to be a beautifully kept woman without compromise on products. I love girly things. I'm a gardener but I also love all things feminine. Lipstick, high heels, colour in my hair - you've got me! What I know and feel passionate about is a large percentage of your health comes from what you apply to your face (and how you take it off) before starting your work day or wind down in the evening.

There are options out there that truly do work to confidently pretty you up and cleanse you off and they are safe for you to use. Couleur Caramel Natural Make-Up New Zealand. You have a right to feel 'made up' and for me it felt great

Here is a brand natural makeup that does not test its products on animals. I invite you to go to their website and even buy your makeup there! Sun powder, mascara, lip gloss, eye shadow ... Everything is there and the choice is wide! All NATURAL! Paraben, dye, synthetic aroma, silicone, paraffin oil ... Because Nature, Animals and we deserve it!

Couleur Caramel is a caring, organic makeup range. It offers an innovative and exclusive range of paraben-free natural make-up which combines natural ingredients and up to date technology. The range consists of 156 products that are easy to apply. The most exciting aspect of the range is that it's organic! The products provide a healthier alternative to mainstream cosmetics, containing the purest vegetal and mineral ingredients that treat the skin and provide the skin with therapeutic benefits.

The ingredients have been carefully chosen to help moisturise, regenerate, smooth, protect, nourish and revitalise the skin. They are rich in essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins, and powerful anti-oxidants to help combat the visible signs of aging. Couleur Caramel was founded and developed in France. David and Cedric were very passionate about creating a make-up range that respects humanity, animals, the environment and our planet.

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