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NZ Glacial Clay

NZ Glacial Clay
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Let your skin benefit from what the forces of nature have provided
New Zealand Glacial Clay is a Globally unique product that's relaxing application is designed to Strengthen, Rejuvenate and Cleanse your skin. 

New Zealand Glacial Clay is a 100% natural clay created through the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice. The purpose of our clay is to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by detoxifying, restoring the mineral balance, and acting as an absorbent for your skin.

New Zealand Glacial Clay is a high quality unique product because of the chemical, mineral and nutrient balance of the clay which means it has multiple benefits for your skin and body. The high mineral and low grit content rejuvenates your skin by restoring the mineral content of your skin leaving it soft and smooth while the chemical content means the clay can cleanse your skin by absorbing harmful toxins.

As a bentonite clay, New Zealand Glacial Clay is unique in its properties and the benefits it can have for you. Bentonite has super absorbing capabilities due to its >90% clay content that when mixed with water expands and creates an electrical charge that attracts toxins out of your skin.
Formed over three million years ago by the collision of Volcanic ash and Glacial Ice, our rare resource of mineral-rich green nontronite clay is amongst the purest in the world.

Created over three million years ago in the Miocene period, this unique deposit of New Zealand bentonite was formed through the combination of ancient volcanic ash and fresh glacial water as a deposit at foothills of the Southern Alps. It now rests on a tholetic basalt flow, below a pliopleistocene greenwood formation and Blue Viviantic sands.

Due to the nature of the volcanic ash and the fresh
glacial water environment, it also contains other healing clays such as kaolinite, illite and montmorillinite.

Another differentiator for New Zealand Glacial Clay is the remoteness of the deposit – allowing it to remain pure, uniform and unaltered which has created a higher quality product over time.

New Zealand Glacial Clays have a naturally high negative chemical charge that creates an electrical attraction to bind to the positive charge in the chemicals and toxins in the skin. This bond removes and absorbs the harmful chemicals and toxins from the skin through its ability to stimulate a deficiency or absorb an excess of toxins.

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